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Beatriz Ball

Organic Pearl Nova Extra Large Bowl

Organic Pearl Nova Extra Large Bowl

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The grand and impressive Beatriz Ball ORGANIC PEARL Nova extra large bowl is a great stand-alone, but really comes alive in the presence of other ORGANIC PEARL bowls and platters, and blends easily with more traditional styles of tableware. Rimmed in sparkling metallic “pearls” of varying sizes, and distinguished by its imposing size and generous serving area, the bowl is a must-have for lively entertaining. Great for fruit, salads, and more. Makes a singular centerpiece and a unique gift. Beatriz Ball’s intensely handmade products use eco-friendly and sustainable materials and are crafted by artisans who trace a heritage of metalworking for generations. Made of a top quality, FDA safe, easy-care, oven and freezer friendly aluminum alloy.

15" round x 4" high

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