The Tradition

Setting Savannah's tables since 1946.

The Cottage Shop

Founded by Helen Dunn and Mary Bond Johnson, The Cottage Shop is a boutique bridal registry gift shop specializing in fine china and crystal, lamps and home accessories, beautiful decorative items, baby gifts and embroidery, bridal dinnerware and wedding invitations.

In its more than 75 year history, The Cottage Shop has set thousands of Savannahians’ tables and branded itself as the place ‘where old friends meet!’  In an excerpt about Helen Dunn’s life, one is able to envision the rich history embodied in this special Savannah shop.  “At war’s end, Miss Dunn returned to Savannah wanting to start something new and on her own.  It was then that she and her friend, Mary Bond Johnson, decided to start The Cottage Shop in an 18th Century cottage on Abercorn.  They were among Savannah’s pioneer preservationists.  On their first buying trip shortly after the war, (t)hey came home with dozens of men’s linen handkerchiefs, but their spirit and taste made The Cottage Shop a success from the beginning.”

Betty Baker, Mary Lynah, and Beverley Reynolds have since added their touch of charm to the shop over the decades.  The Shop entered its new era with Hayley Suthers taking the helm in January 2022. Only changing hands three times since its inception, the shop continues to shine in the Starland district.  With a full inventory of the finest brands in the bridal industry from Herend, Royal Crown Derby, Waterford and Beatriz Ball, The Cottage Shop primarily exists for brides and their families to hand select heirloom pieces to be cherished for a lifetime.  The beauty of a small, local shop in the bridal registry industry is invaluable as these pieces are best chosen and enjoyed in-person to ensure a cohesive aesthetic for the couple.

The Cottage Shop’s mission statement is to serve brides and their families through life’s celebrations.  Our team continues to offer excellent customer care, concierge services and products of exceptional quality that have built The Cottage Shop’s reputation for more than three generations.

Shop Hours: Monday-Friday 9:30am-5:30pm | Saturdays by Appointment

2422 Abercorn Street, Savannah, GA 31401 | 912.233.3820