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Dr. Pete’s

Dr. Pete’s Burgundy Marinade

Dr. Pete’s Burgundy Marinade

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This blend of Burgundy wine, herbs, and spices adds a wonderful flavor to beef, chicken, or pork. Try it on a London Broil or make a great Burgundy Baked Onion or sauteed Mushrooms and Onions.  It is also an incredible seasoning for stews and rice dishes.  NOT GLUTEN FREE!


***Tips for marinating***  Use a zip lock bag large enough to hold the meat and use just enough marinade to cover the meat when you squeeze the air out.  This will eliminate the need to turn while it is marinating.  Tougher meats, ie., London Broil can marinate up to 24 hours, but more tender cuts usually about 2-4 hours will be good.  Some of this is just personal preference!  

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