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Blue Willow Kitchen Cloth

Blue Willow Kitchen Cloth

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Multipurpose biodegradable kitchen cloth with blue and white assorted designs.

We have designed our best-selling cloths with our irresistible blue willow pattern. These multipurpose kitchen clothes do the job and they are totally eco-friendly and reusable. So throw away those smelly sponges and switch to these Come in three patterns and come in an attractive counter top display.
  • Made from 70% Cellulose (Wood Pulp) 30% Cotton and is the perfect alternative to sponges and paper towels.
  • 7.5"x 6.75"
  • These kitchen cloths are wonderfully absorbent. In fact, they actually can absorb up to 18 times their weight. Amazing!
  • No need to use a smelly sponge anymore. These versatile cloths are now your go-to cleaner for l your kitchen cleaning uses from dishes, to stovetops and tabletops. And in your bathroom, you will find them perfect for cleaning counters, shower doors, mirrors, and windows!
  • What is really helpful for the environment is that these are biodegradable.
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